Chiropractic ( English : Chiropractic), also known as chiropractic , hand therapy school , chiropractic school , chiropractic therapy , one source of starting in the United States, substitute medical technology. Through the use of techniques or equipment , to correct the body's musculoskeletal system, especially the spine area, in order to restore patients to health. They believe the spine angle is not correct , it will affect the body's nervous system , which affects people 's health, which is the source of various diseases generated 。


第一通:脊椎全息通     (CHIROPRACTIC 矫正脊椎手法)

第二通:气血循环通     (中医激通疗法)

第三通:细胞营养通     (补充修复骨骼营养)





Cervical disease , also known as cervical syndrome, cervical osteoarthritis, cervical nerveroot syndrome, cervical disc herniation collectively, is a degenerative pathology -based disorders. Mainly due to long-term cervical strain , resulting in the cervical spinal cord, nerve root or vertebral artery compression , there was a series of clinical syndrome dysfunction .Irritation or compression of the nerve roots near the spinal cord , vertebral artery and cervical sympathetic nerve and other tissues , causing a series of symptoms and signs. 

Cervical disease can be divided into : neck type cervical spondylosis, nerve root type cervical spondylosis, cervical myelopathy , cervical vertebral artery disease , sympathetic cervical spondylosis。




Also known as frozen shoulder inflammation around , commonly known as condensate shoulder , frozen shoulder . To gradually produce shoulder pain , particularly at night at night , gradually increased , shoulder function is limited and is increasing , to gradually ease after some degree until the last performance fully recovered as the main shoulder joint capsule and surrounding ligaments, tendons and bursa of chronic specific inflammation .




Complex causes of low back pain , there are congenital, trauma , degeneration caused bodily functions , and some visceral disease may be manifested as back pain, low back pain and even psychological factors have gradually increased in recent years , many diseases can cause low back pain , the cause of the disease and can cause low back pain are classified as follows : injuries: fracture and dislocation, ligament strain , muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation , spondylolisthesis , kidney contusion and so on .



Joint pain is mainly due to arthritis or joint disease caused . Joint pain involve a very wide range and variety, and therefore the diagnosis is crucial to identify joint pain . Arthralgia belong limb pain, limb swelling , arthralgia syndrome , gout and other disorders in Chinese medicine

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